Sunday, 20 August 2017

Happily Ever After

Today I would like to share one more beautifully shaped card. I used Regal Allure S6-078 die for my card. I love this die! The card is about 4.70x6.90'' (11.9x17.5cm).

Kolejna kartka w cudnym kształcie. Tym razem z okazji ślubu. Kartkę wycięłam wykrojnikiem Regal Allure S6-078. Kartka jest wielkości 11.9x17.5cm (4.70x6.90'').

Beautiful accent which is under flowers comes from the same die set Regal Allure.
Tiny tag comes from Graceful Tiny Tag Stamp and Die set SDS-053.

Śliczny dodatek, który jest pod kwiatkami jest z tego samego zestawu wykrojników Regal Allure.
Tag jest z zestawu Graceful Tiny Tag Stamp and Die SDS-053 set.

To create flowers, which are on my card I used:
Cinch and Go Flowers One (white rose) and followed this tutorial - click.
Cinch and Go Flowers Two S4-792 (two daisies) I prepared petals like in this tutorial and for a center I added very tiny flower.
Flower die from Isadora Trinkets die set S4-791 (the ones with stamens) I made them almost like this ones except I used only three die cut elements for one flower.

Do przygotowania kwiatków na mojej kartce użyłam:
Cinch and Go Flowers One (biała róża) wg tego tutorialu.
Cinch and Go Flowers Two S4-792 (dwie stokrotki) wg tego tutorialu przygotowałam płatki a w środek dodałam mini kwiatek.
Wykrojnik kwiatek z zestawu Isadora Trinkets S4-791 (kwiatki z pręcikami) przygotowałam je tak jak te kwiatki tylko, że użyłam tylko te trzy wycięte kwaty.


The three lucky winners of the Thinking Outside the Box Blog Hop are:
Szczęśliwi zwycięzcy sierpniowego Blog Hop:

Lynda Mellor AKA Loopy Linda UK
Monika Buzsy
Jans Paper Flowers

Please pop over to Becca Feeken's blog for details.


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Friday, 18 August 2017

thinking of you

Today I would like to share a beautifully shaped card. To create my card I used Regal Allure S6-078 die. The card measure about 4.70x6.90'' (11.9x17.5cm).

Moja dzisiejsza kartka zawdzięcza swój swój śliczny kształt wykrojnikowi Regal Allure S6-078. Kartka jest całkiem spora, jest wielkości 11.9x17.5cm (4.70x6.90'').

On my card I added handmade flowers. I used flower die from Isadora Trinkets S4-791 die set and Cinch and Go Flowers One S6-050 to create a white rose.

Na kartkę dodałam kwiaty, które zrobiłam z wykrojnika kwiatek z zestawu Isadora Trinkets S4-791 oraz Cinch and Go Flowers One S6-050 (biała róża).

I also added a tiny tag from Graceful Tiny Tag Stamp and Die set SDS-053.

Ozdobny tag jest z zestawu Graceful Tiny Tag Stamp and Die set SDS-053. Napis thinking of you - z myślą o tobie.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Amazing Paper Grace Thinking Outside of the Box Blog Hop

We're so excited!  For months we've been bringing you creative ways to use your dies to make stunning cards.  Not today!! Today, we're showing you how to make anything but a card.  Becca issued the challenge that the creative team could pick any die and not use it in the way in was originally intended. What that means for you is everything we are showing today is pretty much outside of the box.  Dies are meant for this kind of inspiration and as you hop around, you'll be amazed at some gorgeous creations that will have your head shaking.  Yes there are prizes, but but have your gift list sitting by so that you can pick out the next gifts you might be making for someone special.

I'll tell you a little bit about my creation and will share a link list below so that you can see the creations of each person on the Creative Team as well as information on how three lucky people can win Amazing Paper Grace Dies.

Here is a picture showing the led tealight turned on inside the box.

To create a lantern I used a Vintage Insert from Filigree Booklet die set S5-289. To decorate the lid I used a Inner Border and Looped Square dies from Braided Grace Square S4-733 die set and flowers which I made using Cinch and Go Flowers One S6-050 die. To create my note card I used the same dies.

To create a lantern:
1. I cut two pieces of card stock measuring 6-3/4 by 4-3/4'' (I used Kraft-Core card stock).
2. I scored both at 3-1/4'' and 6-1/2'' (at the longer side) and then at 4-1/4'' (at the shorter side).

3. I centered and secured with a masking tape a Vintage Insert die from Filigree Booklet die set and die cut and embossed it four times.

4. To shade the 'windows' in my lantern I cut four pieces of vellum (I used tracing paper 90gsm). Each pieces measure approx 3-3/8 by 4-3/8''. I glued it down using a strong double sided tape.

5. Then I glued a lantern together using wet glue.

6. I added a piece at the bottom of the lantern which measures 3-1/4 by 3-1/4''. I rounded each corner with 3/8'' corner rounder as that way it fits easier inside (it is not necessary to round the corners). I also added the same piece at the bottom from the outside to cover flaps.

7. To create a lid for a lantern I took a piece of card stock which measures 4-3/8 by 4-3/8'' and scored on each side at 1/2 '' and 3-7/8 ''. I also die cut and embossed two decorative elements from Braided Grace Square die set. I used a Inner Border and Looped Square.

8. Before gluing a lid together I die cut a square inside. I drew two perpendicular lines with a pencils to help me to position the die in a middle. I did it for a lid and for the Inner Border from Braided Grace Square die set. The size of the square die is 1-1/2'' sq.

9. I added a Looped Square on a top of a Inner Border using wet glue and then using 3D foam tape I placed it on a lid having in mind to center two squares.

I made the other lantern in green as I was thinking that it will look lovely as a Christmas lantern too. I will share my finished Christmas lantern a bit later on.

How to Win:
Hop around to each Creative Team Member and leave a comment on each blog, three lucky winners will win a die of their choice from the Amazing Paper Grace Vintage Elegance Collection. In making the rounds, a comment should be left on the August 15th Blog Post of each Creative Team member - in your comments let us know if there is a project you would consider making.  

When to Check Back:
We'll pick and post a winner on Saturday August 19th on the Amazing Paper Grace Blog.

How to Claim:
The winner has two weeks from the time the blog post is published to claim their die.  Simply click on the contact tab at the top right hand corner of the Amazing Paper Grace blog, leave your mailing address and type the name of the die you'd like.  Becca will be sending out the winning die.  Please give us a month, we'll get it to you, promise!

Who can Play:
Any of our lovely readers including our international friends.

To start thinking Outside of the Box, hop to:
Visit Becca  - at
Visit Melissa  – at
Visit Teresa - at
Visit Anita – at
Visit Kristi  – at
Visit Joanna – at

P.S. These are all gifts you can make, yes you!! Please feel free to ask questions of all the designers in their comments because we all love to mentor readers through making wonderful gifts for their families.

So keep hopping and have a nice day!


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Happy Birthday

Moja dzisiejszą kartkę zrobiłam z użyciem wykrojnika Marcheline Plume z nowej kolekcji Venise Lace S5309 zaprojektowanej przez Becca Feeken.
Ramkę umieściłam na bazie A6.

Today I would like to share a card I made using a Marcheline Plume die from a new collection Venise Lace S5-309 by Becca Feeken.
I placed Marcheline Plum on a A6 card base.

Happy birthday odbiłam na tagu, który jest w zestawie Victoriana Crest S6-125.

I stamped Happy birthday on a tag from Victroiana Crest S6-125 die set.

Na kartkę dodałam kwiatki (te z pręcikami), które zrobiłam z wykrojnika z zestawu Isadora Trinkets S4-791.
Śliczny papier jest z Pion Design.

I also added handmade flowers which I made using a flower die from Isadora Trinkets S4-791 die set (the ones with stamens).
Lovely paper come from Pion Design.

Serdecznie pozdrawiam.
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